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  • Learn Craps - it's very exciting! Learn Craps - it's very exciting! Craps is easy to learn and will bring you lots of fun!
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Craps Tips - How To Play Craps

Most of us have watched big budget films where the characters play Craps, but few people really know how really simple the game of Craps is. This site was created to promote the game of Craps, and help non-players fully understand a really exciting game that is in fact very easy to learn.

History of Craps

Although dice games can be found as far back as Roman times (it is believed that the original dice games used pigs knuckles as the dice themselves) Craps is little more than a century old and based on the English game of "Hazard". The name Craps is believed to have been derived from the English crabs which was the name for the throw of aces or ace-deuce ... more

Learn Craps

Probably due to the complicated-looking table layout, the game itself is little understood however the table is misleading as the game of Craps is very simple indeed - a player with the dice (the Shooter) rolls a pair of dice and their outcome determines whether he, and the other players win or lose ... more

Betting on Craps

The player who is holding the dice in a Craps game is called the "Shooter", in basic terms other players choose whether to bet with or against that person.

In our Betting Section you'll learn what each bet means, such as the "Pass Line" and the "Don't Pass Bar" ... more

Craps Tips

Although Craps is a game of chance, with winners and losers being created almost every throw of the two dice, there are ways in which you can improve your chances of winning and some bets that are not recommended. Only place Craps bets on our recommended bets if you want to maximise your opportunity to win ... more

Learn how to play craps

Craps Casino

We've researched the online casino market and found the two best places to play Craps online. You can choose from a traditional online casino such as "Windows Casino", or a new no-download casino such as the brilliant "Rushmore Casino" - they also have excellent welcome bonuses and offer free play craps for you ... more

Craps Tactics

Find out what aggressive professional gamblers consider to be the best ways to win on a Craps table, and our recommended Craps strategy that we've tested at online casino's.

As your knowledge about the game increases you'll be more confident at the table ... more

Start your discovery of craps online below ...

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