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Craps Tactics & Strategy

Although the game of Craps is inherently random, i.e. the outcome of two dice being thrown can never be exactly predicted, as with many other similar games your aim should be to capitalise on the sometimes short streaks that occur regularly.

These streaks can be seen when the same shooter rolls the dice, often for many minutes, without sevening out. You can take advantage of these hot streaks by playing the Pass Line, backing that bet with Free Odds bets and placing multiple Come bets, also with Free Odds.

Professional gamblers disagree on the number of come bets to place. The most aggressive players make Come bets on every roll until all the point numbers are covered. This gives them the opportunity to win many bets in a short period of time, provided the dice stay hot and the shooter continues to roll without hitting a 7. But that method is too risky.

Best Craps Tactics

A sound strategy calls for placing a maximum of two Come bets, which, coupled with the original Pass Line bets, give the player three numbers always working for him. When one of the points is made and his bet is paid off, the player places another Come bet to keep three numbers working.

Craps Strategy Overview:

  1. Bet the Pass Line and sometimes back up the bet with a Free Odds bet.
  2. Make two additional Come bets, also taking the Free Odds bets.
  3. Stop betting after three points have been established.
  4. If one of the Come bets is won, immediately place another Come bet. Similarly, if the original Pass Line bet is won, make another Pass Line bet. This system lets the player capitalize during a shooter's hot streak while minimizing his losses when the dice eventually turn cold.

Tactics for craps


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